Shortedlink is the ultimate link manager, a privacy-focused and user-friendly web app that lets you create and manage links like never before.

Why Do We Standout?


On Shortedlink, you can easilyshortening your links with analytics and preloader for free with user-friendly interfaces without compromising top security and accurate statistics and analytics data specifically built for links.


We Don't Sale Data, We Respect Your Privacy - Unlike most of the link shorteners you'll see out there, we ensure the privacy of both our users and the link visitors. For our custom analytic system (CAS) we only extract and display aggregated data.

The link shortening industry as well pretty much relies on ads and selling user data as their main income source. The valuable thing for other URL-shorteners is your data and ad-watch time. Shortedlink only gets revenue through the premium plans that's why the important thing for us is you as a customer and not your data.


Building trust with our customer tops our scale of preference, we're showing this through our flexible pricing system and easy-to-use dashboard. Any changes to shortedlink will be directly communicated.